19 tháng 9, 2010

Study Shows Grapefruit Slows Down Bone Loss ( nước bưỡi tươi làm chắc xương )

We’ve all heard of the many health benefits of oranges and of other citrus fruits. But there’s a lot more to citrus than just Vitamin C…

In a new study conducted by Texas A&M University recently published in the journal Nutrition shows that the antioxidant effects of red grapefruit may increase bone density and slow down bone loss (Source: Grapefruit pulp increases antioxidant status and improves bone quality in orchidectomized rats. Nutrition, Volume 24, Issue 10, Pages 1039 – 1044 Farzad Deyhim et al).

The very promising conclusion was based on a sixty day study involving a total of fifty-six male rats. Forty-two rats were castrated to induce oxidative stress and lower testosterone levels so as to increase their risk of osteoporosis. One-third of the rats were then fed a regular diet, one-third were fed the same food plus five percent red grapefruit pulp, and the other third were fed the same diet plus ten percent red grapefruit pulp.

When compared to the unaltered rats, the castrated rats on a normal diet showed a substantial decrease in bone density, overall bone quality and antioxidant levels. They also lost more calcium and showed signs of bone breakdown markers in the urine. And while all the castrated rats showed a decrease in the magnesium and calcium levels in their bones, the decrease was not as severe among the rats fed the grapefruit pulp.

The altered rats not fed grapefruit pulp showed a 16%-24% percent reduction of the calcium and magnesium content in the lumbar spine. While the rats fed the grapefruit pulp had a decrease of only 10%-16%. Similar results were obtained for the hipbone density results of both groups.